Your Essential Guide To Taking Care Of Your Shirt

Your Essential Guide To Taking Care Of Your Shirt

While millions of men don a shirt daily for work, play or simply by choice, the amount of guys who still rely on dry-cleaners or their eternally-attentive partner to maintain their whiter-than-whites is quite surprising. Check out our complete guide on caring for your shirt where we’ll teach you everything from how to maintain that new-shirt freshness to how you can master the ever-mysterious art of ironing.

The modern shirt is a essential wardrobe component to almost every man across the globe, unquestionably spanning almost every culture, continent and career choice. Coming from humble origins, they’ve surprisingly only made their way from undergarments to everyday wear in the last century or so. Since then, they’ve steadily become one of the most globe spanning elements of many-a-man’s wardrobe.

When you invest in good quality dress shirt (which makes a huge difference – trust me), you’ll naturally feel a little more inclined to pay attention to when it comes to taking proper care of it. Of course, not only does this include heightened need to avoid the ever present probability of coffee splashes – but washing, drying and ironing accurately as well.

While we all know the basics in theory, the actual practice of taking care of your shirts is a no brainer considering it can:

  • Look better: An obvious one, but nothing is better than wearing a good quality, perfectly ironed shirt.
  • Save money: Instead of having to replace your stained & damaged rag-resembling shirt once every few months, a decent shirt that’s been cared for will look good and last long.
  • Sustainable: Ok, so not all of us really care about this one, but if you’re feeling those eco vibes – caring for your shirt without having to repurchase every season is great news for mother nature.

There’s no disputing the above points; we’re all aware that nothing can look quite as bad as a sloppy, stained and tired look shirt – and no amount of Savile Row tailoring can rectify that.

So come on, let’s dig a little deeper to help you find out how to take care of your shirt properly, we’ll cover everything from ironing to a simple fold (surprisingly, many guys can’t fold a shirt) and everything in between – let’s go!