Love Music? Check This Out

Love Music? Check This Out

If you commute to work every day, we salute you. Hustling through a sweaty subway is something to endure rather than enjoy. Navigating gridlock against the clock requires the patience of a Buddhist monk. These difficulties can seem overwhelming…until your favorite track comes on. To paraphrase Sister Sledge, music is our salvation. The wireless Commute headphones by VAIN STHLM offer the best possible listening experience. They deliver CD-quality sound in style, while noise reduction technology blocks out the stressful world around you.

Bluetooth connectivity with CD-quality sound and 12 hours of playback

– Smart noise-reducing ear cushions help you stay in your own audio bubble

– Beautiful design incorporates protein leather and copper / rose gold hardware


Love Music More


By any measure, the earbuds supplied with your phone are pretty terrible. The sound quality is like listening to your favorite band through a 10-foot drinking straw made from aluminum. The earpieces are rarely comfortable, and the cord catches on literally everything. Yet most people never move on from this audial abuse.

The VAIN STHLM Commute headphones are the perfect upgrade. These stylish cans offer superior wireless sound quality and all-day comfort. The lightweight design folds flat for easy storage, and you can listen for 12 hours straight via Bluetooth. Not to mention the beautiful rose gold and copper hardware.

But don’t be fooled by their art-exhibition looks. These headphones are made for the rough and tumble of everyday use. They have all-metal enclosures that are durable enough to survive in your day bag. There are no wires to tangle, and the earcups are made from hard wearing protein leather.

Superior Sound

For all their outer toughness, the Commute headphones are gooey on the inside. In more technical terms, your ears will fall in love with the extraordinary sound quality. Large drivers deliver soaring trebles, earthy bass lines and balanced mid-range tones. The cans work perfectly for any genre of music, along with podcasts and audiobooks.

In addition, the Commute headphones utilize aptX and lossless AAC audio technology. For the uninitiated, this means you can enjoy CD-quality sound via Bluetooth. The wireless range is around 32 feet, so your phone can stay safely tucked away.

his still applies when you have calls to make. The headphones have their own microphone complete with echo cancellation. You can take incoming calls and adjust the call volume via discreet controls on the right earcup. When you’re no longer chatting, these small buttons become music controls.

If the battery ever dies, you can always use the supplied audio cable. But then, that seems like an unlikely scenario, given that these headphones can play all day. You can even leave them on standby for up to 26 days.

Struggling to find weaknesses? You’re not alone. It would be fair to say that VAIN STHLM has produced a gleaming gem of Swedish design.