INSANITY: Tax Inspector Creates Internet Storm After Claiming A Fortune

INSANITY: Tax Inspector Creates Internet Storm After Claiming A Fortune

Alex Freeman had a successful career as a tax inspector. He saw companies use all sorts of tactics to avoid paying taxes. To save some companies from bankruptcy, he showed their boss how to avoid paying taxes in a legal way. Freeman and the businessmen exchanged advice and he started his own company. His knowledge of taxes and especially how to avoid them made him a millionaire. We wonder what you make from all of this…

Alex Freeman had been a tax inspector for years.

Tax inspectors are hated by so many people. We all know how annoying it is when a tax inspector shows up unexpectedly and asks to show all of your books from last year and the year before and so on. Alex Freeman was such a tax inspector before. He knew every company hated him because he would report every little mistake they made. Every year he would discover a new way to avoid taxes. Companies tried to hide their tactics, but Freeman was too smart, he found out each time.

He was the proud owner of a beautiful blue sports car.

The Kickstart To Time Management

After working for more than 25 years as a tax inspector, he looked for new challenges and opportunities. His dream was always to start his own company and that’s exactly what he did. He used his knowledge and experience to start a company that would make huge profits, without paying tons of taxes. So he started a company centred around offshore construction. He would build specific constructions where he had to pay the least taxes. The most attractive places for offshore construction sites were Hong-Kong and Singapore.

Freeman’s favourite holidays always involved sailing on the open seas.

Why Productivity Depends On It

His business was a huge success and he started expanding it to every corner of the globe. Freeman is now a millionaire and when he’s not busy looking for places to build a new construction site, he takes some time off to write books. He was a co-author on the book Time Management for Small Business: A 4-Week Productivity Plan to Go from Overwhelmed to Highly Efficient and Reclaim Your Life (Win the Hour, Win the Day Book 1). The book was wildly popular and now people try to avoid paying taxes in the most clever ways, just like Freeman did.

Freeman is a co-author of the book Win the Hour, Win the Day.

If you’d like to be as successful as Freeman, then you can start by reading the book he co-wrote: Win The Hour Win The Day. The book is available on Amazon, so don’t hesitate and go for it.