How to Smoke a cigar

How to Smoke a cigar

Envision you’re at an away meeting, or an after-work occasion and your manager welcomes you to hang out subsequently – an extraordinary chance to do somebody on-one or little gathering holding and bond your own association with The Big Guy (or Gal).

Your supervisor is into stogies and recommends one of his most loved tobacconists for beverages and stogies. There’s only one issue:

You don’t smoke. What’s more, since you’re not a 1920s racketeer or Fidel Castro, you’ve never touched a stogie.

Fear not. This guide contains all that you have to know to recognize, plan, and appreciate the smoking of your first genuine stogie.

Furthermore, we’ll make you a stride further, uncovering novice slip-ups to keep away from, and a progressive recipe for matching liquor and stogies in view of the science of taste that is ensured to awe any stogie enthusiast.

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Stogies: Not Just Over-Sized Cigarettes

In case you’re similar to me, you irregularity stogies and cigarettes into fundamentally a similar classification: smokable, tobacco-filled sticks. In case you’re similar to me, you’d not be right.

I talked with Mason Foster, a Certified Tobacconist and leader of the stogie program at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C., a town with a considerable measure of all around heeled men and ladies getting a charge out of a great deal of stogies.

“There are numerous, numerous contrasts amongst stogies and cigarettes,” said Mason. “Right off the bat, they’re distinctive sorts of tobacco.” The kind of leaf found in cigarettes is exceedingly acidic while stogies are more antacid, which is the characteristic condition of tobacco.

Second, you smoke a stogie by filling your mouth with the smoke, tasting it, and breathing out, while cigarettes are intended to be breathed in.