How To Match Your Work Pants and Shoes

How To Match Your Work Pants and Shoes

Establishing our look for the day is a struggle, and sometimes it isn’t just the kind of shirts and pants to wear that we have problems with. Admit it; when it comes to shoes, we often have a very vague idea of what looks good when paired with our pants.

If you’re one of those not very well versed in the color wheel, don’t worry. Matching your shoes and pants and making the look work isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s important that you do, however, if you want to look smart and strapping for the rest of the day.

So in short:

White pants – goes with anything except black. Best colors are tan, light brown, and dark brown.

Black pants – anything except white and brown colored shoes.

Color Combinations

Our wardrobe isn’t restricted to just white and black pants, so if you have a plethora of colored pants you want to try out soon, it’s important that you have the right colored pants to wear with it.

To make it simple, we’ve arranged pant colors in different categories: easy to pair, moderately difficult, and many restrictions.

Easy to pair: Pants that are colored in shades of blue, light gray, charcoal and green are very easy to pair and can be combined with any shoe color – even the same color. The only exception is green, which you can’t pair with green or another hue of the same as the shoes have a habit of blending too much with the pants.

Moderately difficult: Red and Burgundy colored pants are moderately difficult to pair with shoes. As with the black and white color combinations, there’s a risk of the colors clashing. If you’re going to wear red, avoid brown and tan colored shoes. Purple pants can be worn with any color shoes, as long as the color isn’t lighter than the pants themselves.

Many restrictions: Brown and tan pants are some of the most difficult colors to match due to the many restrictions it has – almost as much as black. Tan pants don’t look good with gray colored shoes (or anything close to the coloration), while brown pants tend to clash with purple and red on top of grey.

The ideal shoe color for brown is green since both are earth colors. While you can match your brown pants with other colors, we suggest you go green just to be safe.

The next time you’re planning your wardrobe, it pays to keep these color restrictions in mind. Your goal is to look smart, after all, not tacky, and color matching your pants and shoes correctly may just be what you need to give your entire outfit an extra aesthetic boost.