Cell Phone & GPS Mount

Cell Phone & GPS Mount

Regularly auto mounts for telephones and GPS units come in three flavors: windshield suction glass, dashboard hostile to slide cushion, and air vent mounts. With these alternatives for something apparently commonplace, none of them work and also they ought to.

Windshield suction glass mounts come standard with numerous GPS units, however on numerous autos, this positions the unit at a cumbersome separation. In a few expresses, it’s even unlawful to put mounts on the windshield. Sun likewise affects the suction capacity – I’m regularly picking my GPS unit off of the floor while speeding down the interstate on a hot day.

Against slide cushions for dashboards work on the off chance that you have a fittingly level dash at a sensible separation away, however and, after its all said and done, it doesn’t deal with the weight and additionally different mounts when attempting to information data into the gadget.

Air vent mounts obstruct an entire vent from hitting the travelers, and numerous vehicles have wobbly vent dividers.

Mountek has assaulted these issues head on with the nGroove Universal CD Slot Mount. This expandable mount slides not as much as a half inch into any CD opening and stays situated immovably. Once set up, the nGroove has a positionable head, and takes push catch weight decidedly. The openings on the end are sufficiently huge that I can slide my telephone charger in as well.

I settled on this mount in light of a suggestion from a companion who has had one for a couple of years. When I found it on Amazon it had more than 800 audits with a 4.5 star normal. Adequate for me!